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Fr. Cesar Atahuichi, MS was ordained to the priesthood on Saturday, January 20, 2024 in Cochabamba, Bolivia! Our Provincial Superior was present for the Ordination Mass.

Read Fr. William's reflection on 

Fr. Cesar's Ordination to Priesthood.

Letter- Argentina-Bolivia Distrcit meeting and Ordination of Fr. Cesar-Bolivia (dragged).p

Reconciliation, The International Bulletin for La Salette Laity


Monthly International Rosary

Livestreamed monthly on Facebook at Rosario Internazionale 

Watch Livestream Here

2024 International Rosary Schedule (9:00 AM Central Time)

January 27         Italy/Spain

February 24       Poland/Slovakia

March 23            United States

April 27               India

May 25               Argentina/Bolivia

June 29              Island of Reunion/Madagascar

July 27                Philippines

August 31           Brazil/Angola

September 21    France

Salutation to La Salette Laity International Rosary

Dear La Salette Laity,Greetings to all of you from Rome, which has found itself particularly inflamed in this month of August because of the ongoing and increasingly extreme climate changes that are afflicting our planet, our common home, everywhere.The General House is almost empty because both our student guests and some members of the General Administration are spending a period of rest in their home countries. They will return shortly.In a few days we will begin the month of September, which is so dear to all of us and also to the many devotees of the Beautiful Lady of La Salette scattered around the world.  It offers us a 'favorable opportunity to reread and meditate further, alone, as a family or in a group, on the message that Our Lady entrusted to Maximin and Melanie on September 19, 1846 on the Holy Mountain of La Salette.

Fr. Silvano.jpg

I invite you to drop into your daily experience the content of this message and ask yourself: how can it stimulate and thus orient my life of relationship with God, with others, with myself and with the natural environment around me?
The episode of the land of Coin evoked by Mary in her apparition presents itself as the key to reading the whole message addressed to "her people." Indeed, it invites us to read our lives with and through God's eyes. God is not absent from the good or sad events of our existence. He walks with us unnoticed, in a discreet but real way. It is up to us to seek him and discover him in silence and listening to the Word, as the two disciples tried to do one day on the way to Emmaus (Lk 24:13-35).
September 10, the International Day of La Salette Laity. It is your celebration. To all of you, my wish and the wish of the General Council that it be lived in faith and praise to God and the Beautiful Lady. Celebrate it possibly in your respective parishes as a moment of communion with the local Christian community and as a witness to a public lay life commitment made before and in service to the Church
Happy and holy feast also of the 177th anniversary of the Apparition, in union with all the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette. May Mary continue to guide and protect each of you, your families and loved ones.
With my blessing.

P. Silvano



Dear La Salette brothers, health and peace to you all!

The month of September, for us, La Salette Laity, is totally dedicated to our beloved Mother, Our Lady of Salette.

In all the places where there is devotion to Our Lady of Salette, La Salette laity in particular have redoubled their pastoral services and duties during the feasts and celebrations.

For us, it is a source of great joy to have a day dedicated to us - September 10th. 

This date was set and approved at the end of the 1st. International Meeting of La Salette Laity - September 2011, on La Salette Mountain, where it all happened.

Faced with so many tasks and assignments on this day, I ask you to take some time, however short, and celebrate, commemorate and enjoy this date.

Invite your La Salette Missionaries to take part in all this with you. Maximin and Melanie, if they were alive, would certainly do this.

And don't forget to send a hug and a thank you to our Provincials, our parish priests, our Spiritual Directors and the members of the General Council, after all, they are the ones who have given us this opportunity to also be agents of reconciliation.

With a big and affectionate hug, in the hope of meeting you soon,

Mario Apone
International Coordinator of La Salette Laity

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