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What We Do

As a group or individually, we

Pray, Study, and Serve 

in the spirit of La Salette.  

Pray:  Following the guidelines of the International

La Salette Laity, we pray five prayers everyday.  During the Apparition, concerning prayer, Our Lady told the children, “When you can do better, say more”.  

So, when we can do better we pray more.


Serve:  Through our prayer and study, we learn how to live out our devotion to Our Lady of La Salette.  We work with the La Salette Missionaries in parishes and shrines.  We volunteer in our home parishes and communities.  We also support the International La Salette Laity Shared Cause of care for God’s creation.

Study:  There are particular books that are required reading to become part of the International La Salette Laity. 

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