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Formation Process


Each day we pray...

 - the Our Father

 - the Hail Mary 

 - the Memorare to Our Lady of La Salette 

 - the vocation prayer and

 - the La Salette Invocation

Each day we also reflect on an aspect of the message through provided materials.


Each phase of study has required reading; materials are provided.

Phase 1...

- Understanding the message

Phase 2...

- The history of the congregation

Phase 3...

- The spirituality and charism of La Salette



As individuals or groups, we live out the charism of La Salette through the spirit of reconciliation, striving to be consistent with God’s plan.  

- We minister in our parishes and shrines.

- We support the La Salette Missionaries.

- We participate in the International Shared Cause of

  caring for God’s creation.

Formation is a three-phase process with each phase including Prayer, Study and Service. Once a person completes all three phases, they are recognized as members of the International
La Salette Laity. Formation and service are ongoing for all members of La Salette Laity.

laity sybol of belonging.jpg

International Symbol of Belonging

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