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La Salette Laity in the USA


As Catholic laity, we are inspired by the Apparition of Our Lady of La Salette.  Laity members partner with La Salette Missionaries, priests, brothers, and sisters while connecting themselves more closely to Our Mother Mary and the principles of spirituality contained in her message at La Salette.  As Our Lady requested in her merciful apparition, her devoted people pray each day, reflect on the scripture and her message and make her message known whenever the opportunity arises. We are committed to Our Lady’s message and applying this message in our daily lives.  


La Salette Laity in the United States has grown to a ministry in several La Salette parishes and shrines in the USA and over twenty countries around the world.  Each have established programs of formation, living and ministering as co-missionaries, united with the Missionaries of La Salette.

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